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California Vacation Ideas

/California Vacation Ideas
23 10, 2019

4 Best Wineries in Northern California

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Nothing quite tops a glass of fine wine after a full day of exploration inside Northern California’s glorious Redwood National and State Parks. And while the North Coast isn’t widely considered “Wine Country” to many outsiders, some of the best wineries in Northern California rest in the lively seaside communities of Trinidad, Eureka, and Arcata. The perfect place to start and finish each day of adventure, photography, and beachcombing is inside one of our oceanfront Redwood Coast Vacation Rentals.

28 09, 2019

Best White Water Rafting in California: The Trinity River

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Northern California is renowned for its prime surf, jaw-dropping beaches, and, of course, those towering redwoods. But our particularly gorgeous stretch of The Golden State is also home to the best white water rafting in California on the rushing Trinity River. The most challenging (and exhilarating) rapids along this scenic river can be discovered between Hoopa and Junction City, where three world-class Trinity River rafting companies are situated.

19 07, 2019

Northern California Mountain Biking Excursions

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There are over 1,000 miles of potential backcountry Northern California cycling in Humboldt County alone. But you’ll also discover dozens of well-groomed mountain bike trails in the Arcata Community Forest and Blue Lake, CA. While Northern California mountain biking is an uncommon activity for many of our guests, it doesn’t get much better than peddling through the Redwoods with friends and family.

30 04, 2019

The Best Redwood Hiking Trails

2019-05-04T13:46:00-08:00Budget Vacations, California Vacation Ideas, family friendly vacation destinations, Hiking in Northern California, Redwood Forest, Redwood National Park Lodging, Things to Do in Northern California|

Because the Redwood Forest spans over 139,000 acres near the communities of Orick and Crescent City, the most popular method of exploration is good, old-fashioned hiking and backpacking. Our particular slice of North Coast tranquility is home to over 200 miles worth of Redwood hiking trails, making the planning process quite dizzying. Luckily for you, we’ve hand-selected seven of our favorite hikes inside the Redwoods, all of which are minutes away from our affordable, modern, and fully-equipped Redwood cabins!

2 04, 2019

The 5 Prettiest North Coast Beaches

2019-05-04T13:50:33-08:00Budget Vacations, California Vacation Ideas, northern california vacation rentals, Redwood National Park Lodging, Things to Do in Northern California|

There’s no denying the serene beauty of California’s North Coast beaches. These picturesque North Coast beaches can be utilized in many ways: surfing, whale watching, sunbathing, swimming, beachcombing, kite flying, and the list goes on. Whether you’re hoping to ride a barrel, sunbathe on a gorgeous summer afternoon, or fly a colorful kite during your vacation to the Redwood Forest, you’ll have no trouble discovering a nearby scenic beach when you choose Redwood Coast Vacation Rentals. After careful consideration, we’ve hand-selected five or our favorite North Coast beaches. Enjoy!

25 02, 2019

Plan a Northern California Honeymoon

2019-05-04T14:03:48-08:00Budget Vacations, California Vacation Ideas, Hiking in Northern California, Redwood Forest, Redwood National Park Lodging, Things to Do in Northern California|

It’s no secret that weddings can be extremely expensive, forcing many couples to either postpone a honeymoon or stay close to home. But there are dozens of inexpensive honeymoon possibilities scattered throughout the United States for outdoor enthusiasts, one of which is the extraordinary Redwood National Park on California’s North Coast. Not only is North California home to the tallest trees on Earth, but our beautiful stretch of the Pacific Northwest is also a paradise for surfers, horseback riders, beer aficionados, and whitewater rafters. Start planning a Northern California honeymoon with Redwood Coast Vacation Rentals, home to the most extensive collection of Redwood Forest lodging in the region.

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