northern california honeymoonIt’s no secret that weddings can be extremely expensive, forcing many couples to either postpone a honeymoon or stay close to home. But there are dozens of inexpensive honeymoon possibilities scattered throughout the United States for outdoor enthusiasts, one of which is the extraordinary Redwood National Park on California’s North Coast. Not only is North California home to the tallest trees on Earth, but our beautiful stretch of the Pacific Northwest is also a paradise for surfers, horseback riders, beer aficionados, and whitewater rafters. Start planning a Northern California honeymoon with Redwood Coast Vacation Rentals, home to the most extensive collection of Redwood Forest lodging in the region.

Romantic Northern California Vacation Rentals

There are several ways to make your Northern California honeymoon extra special without breaking the bank, including choosing a private vacation rental instead of an overpriced hotel. We suggest reading the “5 Tips for Budget Vacations in the Redwoods” before planning your trip. We have an entire fleet of affordable yet luxurious Redwood rentals within minutes of the area’s best hiking trails, scenic beaches, and romantic restaurants.

northern california honeymoonStylish, Private Cabin – Orick

This Stylish, Private Cabin sits on over 40 acres of secluded wilderness less than ten minutes from Redwood Creek Trail and dozens of other top-rated hikes. Explore the property’s peaceful wilderness at dawn, grill local fresh-caught fish for lunch, and snuggle near the backyard fire pit at dusk. This private home has an updated kitchen, a walkout porch in the master bedroom (perfect for an early morning coffee or tea), a cozy woodstove, and charming, calming interior decor.

northern california honeymoonElegant Ocean View Suite – Trinidad

It’s unquestionably difficult to beat the sweeping Pacific Ocean views at the aptly-named Elegant Ocean View Suite in Trinidad. While this suite isn’t nearly as secluded as the aforementioned Stylish, Private Cabin, the back yard’s million-dollar views will leave you breathless. The suite is also a short drive from Patrick’s Point State Park, prime migrating whale watching, world-class surfing locales, and, of course, the Redwoods. Guests are free to use the Adirondack chairs in the back lawn for a comfortable evening of bottled wine, ocean gazing, and a dazzling Pacific Ocean sunset. The suite itself is one of our prized couples-friendly Trinidad vacation rentals because of its contemporary amenities and ideal oceanfront location, perfect for any Northern California honeymoon.

northern california honeymoonShadilay Flat – Eureka

Old Town Eureka is arguably the most romantic stretch of Northern California because of its fine dining, historic architecture, eclectic shopping, and Old Town Carriage rides. Shadilay Flat is perfectly placed in the heart of Old Town Eureka near some of the best restaurants in Northern California. The interior of the flat features charming, nautical-themed decor and modern amenities, such as an electric fireplace, rain shower, and Jacuzzi tub.

Northern California Fine Dining

No matter which of our Redwood rentals you choose, you’ll always be a short walk or drive from some of the best restaurants in Northern California. The cities of Arcata, Trinidad, and Eureka, in particular, have several exquisite fine dining options, including the French-inspired Folie Douce. Folie Douce is a small, dimly-lit bistro filled with local art and nearly a hundred award-winning wine labels on the quiet northern edge of Arcata. We particularly love their Roquefort filet mignon, seasonal “fish of the day,” and tajine braised duck.

Restaurant 301, meanwhile, is a short 11-minute walk from Shadilay Flat. The restaurant has a historic exterior, elegant interior, and some of the best oysters on the North Coast. A Northern California honeymoon is incomplete without fresh, local oysters! Restaurant 301 serves their oysters eight different ways either raw or baked. If money is no object, we suggest the hand-selected five-course “Discovery Menu.” Otherwise, the lightly-smoked and pan-seared Kurobuta pork is a revelation. We also love the classy Sea Grill (a three-minute walk from Shadilay Flat), live-fire Campground, and the dimly-lit Larrupin’ Cafe (a seven-minute walk from our Elegant Ocean View Suite).

northern california honeymoon

Couples-Friendly Activities

Fill your days with exhilarating adventures, curious exploration, beach relaxation, and arresting sightseeing during your Northern California honeymoon. There is a seemingly endless array of hiking trails inside Redwood National Park, one of the world’s natural marvels, including breathtaking Fern Canyon. Willow Creek, the “birthplace of Bigfoot,” is an engrossing trip down memory lane, Trinity River is home to undeniably thrilling whitewater rafting excursions, and you can always embark on a self-guided Northern California brewery tour. If you browse through our Activities webpage, you’ll see that there are dozens of things to do on the North Coast, including oyster tours, surfing lessons, sea kayaking, and wine tastings. Start planning your Northern California honeymoon by giving us a call today at 1-707-834-6555 to book a stay in one of our cute cottages!