Week-long family vacations are rarely an inexpensive experience, no matter how near or far you’re traveling. You have to book flights and hotels as well as research the area’s best restaurants and activities. The anticipation leading up to a cross-country vacation is exquisite for some and worrisome for others. But don’t fret because there are several ways to plan an affordable family getaway to California’s North Coast with the help of Redwood Coast Vacation Rentals’ friendly travel gurus. We help families plan cheap California vacations on a daily basis here at Redwood Coast. All you have to do is think outside the box, utilize your vacation rental’s amenities, and embrace free entertainment (which is easy to do in our gorgeous landscape). We’ve compiled five useful tips for budget vacations here in the beautiful Redwoods that will help cut spending nearly in half.

budget vacations

1. Choose a Vacation Rental

If you’re looking for ways to save money on vacation, avoid hotels that have very little to offer besides a bed, bathroom, and stale complimentary breakfast. Instead of jamming the entire family into a hotel room, book a multi-bedroom vacation rental. Budget vacations always start with an affordable, fully-equipped vacation rental. Nearly all of our elegant vacation rentals here on California’s North Coast provide the comforts of home at the same rates of a generic hotel room. You’ll be able to cook your own meals, sleep in separate bedrooms, and utilize the free amenities such as WiFi, BBQ grill, and washer/dryer. Our two-bedroom Cream City Cottage, for example, starts at just $95 per night in the Victorian village of Ferndale. Cream City Cottage also comes with complimentary bicycles and scooters to go along with the 1,720 square feet of space.

2. Cook Your Own Meals

One of the best ways to save money on a Redwood’s vacation is by cooking your very own meals. All of our vacation homes come equipped with fully-functioning kitchens. Start each morning off right with over-easy eggs, wheat toast, French roast coffee, and a bowl of cereal. Pack pre-made sandwiches, fruit, vegetables, and granola for a lunchtime picnic. Making dinner instead of eating at nearby restaurants is where you’ll see massive savings. Utilize your complimentary BBQ grill by cooking hamburgers, brats, chicken breasts, and vegetable skewers. A home-cooked meal is an ideal way to end a perfect day of exploration inside Redwood National Park.

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3. Find Free Activities

It’s easy to find free family-friendly activities in Northern California, especially when you choose a vacation rental near the Redwoods. The oceanside Stagecoach Cabin has a patio hot tub, horseshoe pit, and prime agate hunting. The breathtaking four-bedroom Hawkins Bar River Home has a riverfront fire pit, sand volleyball court, and private walking trails. And nearly all of our vacation rentals are minutes from Redwood State Park adventures and pristine Pacific Ocean beaches.

4. Explore Redwood National Park

Most families choose Redwood Coast Vacation Rentals because we’re so close to Redwood National Park. Don’t become tempted by the area’s best alternative activities such as whitewater rafting, horseback riding, or oyster harvesting unless you can truly afford it. Redwood National Park is entirely free, and most California state parks cost just $8 per day. You could spend seven full days exploring the Redwood’s, Pacific Ocean, and nearby oceanside cities for under $50 total – that’s what makes our slice of California so unique.

5. Visit California’s North Coast During the “Off-Season”

budget vacations

It’s not a secret that every North American region has an “off-season,” even if the weather doesn’t fluctuate more than 8-12 degrees during the wintertime. The bottom line is that vacationing in Northern California from October through February is approximately 35 percent cheaper. Because of popularity, summer prices increase significantly. Yet, you can still hike through the Redwood’s, surf in the Pacific Ocean, and relax on the beach during the wintertime – it’s just a tad cooler, much cheaper, and less crowded.

Budget Vacations with Redwood Coast

We hope these five tips for budget vacations gave you some unique California vacation ideas. Our vacation homes are elegant, convenient, affordable, and within minutes of the best things to do in Northern California. Visit RedwoodCoastVacationRentals.com to browse through dozens of our affordable vacation rentals, or simply give us a call at 1-707-834-6555 to get matched up with a unique property!