northern california travel

If a little Northern California travel isn’t already on your list of things to do this winter,  you should be re-thinking that right about now. A winter escape to the Redwood Coast should be on everyones bucket list. Fewer crowds, temperate climates, and of course super low seasonal rates all create a perfect recipe for an ideal winter getaway.


Temperate Weather

northern california travel

The Redwoods National Forest is different from The Sequoia National Forest. The Redwoods are coastal, whereas the Sequoia trees are inland at higher elevations, meaning they get all the snow while temperatures along the coast remain moderate year round. According to the National Park Service, temperatures in the redwoods range from 40 to 60 degrees F all year. Since the park is near the ocean, snow is very unlikely.

Winter Travel Tip: Temperatures remain cool so be sure to pack some layers, definitely a rain coat, and some waterproof shoes when visiting this part of California in the winter.  You want to be prepared for a range of temperatures and weather conditions.


Stagecoach Cabin, Trinidad CA

Northern California travel in winter would not be complete without the perfect cabin. Stagecoach Cabin at Oceanside Lodge in Trinidad, CA is beautiful two-story coastal cabin on 4 acres with ocean views, private deck, and bluffside seating. Relax to the sound of winter waves, explore the many nearby towns, parks and beaches, or simple soak in the hot tub underneath the winter sky. This spacious seaside cabin sleeps 6 and also offers a lot of room to spread out and enjoy the 4 acres of shared outdoor area.

Stagecoach Cabin can be booked at winter rates as low as $165 /night. Compared this to $295 /night during high season. Northern California travel during winter leads to huge savings.


Fewer Crowds

Visiting the Redwood Coast in winter is a great idea if you are wanting to avoid crowds. The majority of travelers are seen during summer months leaving trails and beaches pretty much wide open for you to explore during winter. The word serene takes on a whole new meaning whilst strolling through the redwood forest on a misty winter morning. The rain actually has a way of adding to the ambiance of the redwood forest too. Dripping ferns, moss and lichens all transport you to what feels like another planet. It truly is beautiful. Be sure to walk the trails at Redwood National Park where the towering canopy will keep you dry even on the rainiest of winter days.

Other great trails to explore in winter include Fern Canyon and Stout Grove in neighboring Jedediah Smith Redwood State Park. Staying in either Orick or Crescent City will get you as close as possible to some of the most popular parks and trails, as well as other local attractions. There are plenty of great accommodation available to choose from here.

northern california travel

Prairie Beach Home, Orick CA

Just 4 miles from Prairie Creek Redwood National Park is the Prairie Beach Home.  This two bedroom, 1 bath house is located on ten acres with an inviting grassy field surrounded by forests. This vacation home is situated on a beautiful farm setting with ocean & beach views. When you come here you are stepping off the busy freeway of life and entering a quiet, serene, natural setting. This is an absolute perfect location for a winter escape to Northern California.

Book Prairie Beach Home at winter rates as low as $125 /night. Compared to $225 /night during summer this is an amazing deal for the perfect Northern California vacation rental.


Low Winter Rates on Northern California Travel

As you can see, Northern California travel during winter months means great deals on amazing vacation homes. You can find some of the best rates available on some of the most unique properties. During winter, some homes are discounted over $100+ /night. It is definitely worth the savings alone to travel this time of year vs. summer when rates climb substantially.

northern california travel

Northern California Travel For Less

Whether winter, spring, fall, or summer, Redwood Coast Vacation Rentals offers visitors to the area a wide range of vacation homes that fit almost any style and budget. From authentic Redwood National Park Cabins to upscale Downtown Lofts, to Large Country Estates and Lake or Riverfront Retreats. Redwood Coast Vacation Rentals have made it their mission to accommodate their guests in the most comfortable, luxurious and breathtaking coastal vacation rentals in Northern California… and they do just that.

California’s Redwood Coast calls out to many. Everyone simply must experience the beauty of these giants at some point in their life. Why not make it this winter?